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“We work every day to get the most out of every vintage. ''

As a family with deep roots in Szekszárd, we have always had a smaller or larger vineyards. Our grandparents  had a small area in Bakta-dűlő /which have unfortunately been largely integrated since then/, which was taken away from the family during the nationalization. However, in the early 1970s, our Grandparents managed to buy an area in the Cinka vineyard with its own press house and cellar that is excellent for viticulture,. In this area, contrary to the traditions of Szekszárd, 80% of the white variety / Olaszrizling / is significant.

The predominance of Olaszrizling remained until 1998, when we bought a 3.5-hectare area in Gurovicza with only red varieties. In 2006, the structure of today’s vineyards was expanded with another 10-hectare expansion, and like most Szekszárd wineries, red wines are now more emphasized in our assortment, but we do not forget our roots and we make several styles of white wine, including Olaszrizling from Grandpa.

Pósta Borház szekszárdi borászat vörös borát kóstolja meg Péter

Today, we are working to make our vineyards organic. We make our wines in the traditional way – with spontaneous fermentation, without added materials – and using the most modern technology we can.

We strive to show well the effects of the Szekszárd terroir, the variety and the vintage in our wines.


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We are winemakers, marketers and traders, website developers and market researchers, caterers and cleaners at the same time.

We try to get the best out of family passion.

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