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only grapes with hearts and souls


Welcome here on Pósta Wineries website. 

We are a family-ownd business, the fisrst in our wineregion who started making natural wines. Nowadays we are officially working on the organic certification.

Look around, get to know us online, from your home, or even better, visit us and have a genuine wine tasting in Szekszárd!

Spontaneous wine tasting

Step by Step


1. Check who is available today!

2. Call!

We are accepting calls between 9 am to 5 pm

3. Book a reservation!

Because we are only standby, we also need some time to arrive at the tasting house and get ready, so our wine tasting starts at least one hour after your phone call.

4. The tasting is starting!

Besides our wines we can provide some snacks, but for more complicated meals you need to book ahead.


from 2021. September 6


Bori Posta

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We are convinced, that natural is the best, that is the reason why our goal is to make such wine with the help of the nature, without any manipulation, which shows the spcialities of the region, of the soil and the vintage.

“Our wines contains only three thing: grape, our heart and soul”

Pósta Borház

For The Future

– steps we make for the environment –

Renewable energy

We heat our winery with renewable energy and low losses due to the new insulation

Heat pump

We solve the air conditioning of our wine warehouse with a heat pump system, which is currently the most up-to-date method using renewable energy.

Lightweight bottles

From 2022, we switched to lightweight bottles, which save raw materials and energy during transport.

Organic farming

We are switching to official organic farming, thus protecting the health of our consumers and our environment

Rain water

We use collected rainwater for our spraying

Vegan wines

We do not use animal clarifiers in our wines.


Heart to Soul

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Péter Posta


Bori Posta


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